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Saving and loading backup

Saving and loading backup

You can save all your data to file for transferring to other device or as a backup.


Saving backup


To create a backup, go to Settings tab and press Save backup.Save Backup Log window opens, starting backup creation. In the Save Backup Log you can see price lists count, price list items count, clients count and orders count with progress bars.

After backup is saved, you can find it in Documents on iPad, from where you can take it using iTunes (see Loading Files Using iTunes). Also, you can pass the backup file to other apps, pressing and selecting an app from the list. There could be such apps as Mail, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Loading backup


To load backup, place the backup file in Documents on iPad using iTunes (see Loading Files Using iTunes). Then open the My price list app, go to Settings tab and press Import backup. Select your backup file in the opened files list and Backup Import Log window will open, starting backup import.