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Order statuses

Order statuses

You can apply statuses to orders to see the actual stage of the order — accepred, paid, delivered, etc.


Adding order status


  1. 1. Press Settings on tab panel

  2. 2. Select Order settings row, then Order statuses

  3. 3. Press + to create new status

  4. 4. Enter status title and, optional, description and color

  5. 5. Select status type (required for New and Completed statuses only)

  6. 6. Switch Use status for status to became availeble for setting


Setting status to order


  1. 1. Create new order or select existing from orders list

  2. 2. Press status row to show list of available statuses

  3. 3. Choose status


Default status for new order is New. If you want other status to be set when order is create you should set status type New for that status.


When you set Completed status to order it is marked with check mark in orders list and could be hidden if Show completed orders switch is disabled in orders list.