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Export of Order to PDF

Export of Order to PDF

In order to export the Order, perform the following steps:


  1. 1. Select the Orders item on the tab bar

  2. 2. Select the needed order

  3. 3. Press and select Export to PDF in the pop-up window. The order export preview will open.

  4. 4. To email the order, press and select Open in program… in the drop-down menu. Select from the list the e-mail program, installed on your iPad. The document will be sent as an attached file.

  5. 5. To save in the Dropbox, press and in the drop-down menu select Open in Dropbox. Select the catalogue in the appeared Dropbox window, edit the file name if necessary, and press Save.

  6. 6. To save on iPad in the folder with application documents, press Save. If necessary, edit the file name and press Save.


Settings for Order export


The switch Display SKU column allows displaying or hiding a column with SKUs in the Order export.

The switch Display Order description allows displaying or hiding the description of the Order.

The switch Display items description allows displaying or hiding the items description.

The switch Display place of signature allows displaying or hiding the place for the signature of the responsible person.