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Images for Price List Items

Images for Price List Items

This function is available only after obtaining the function Images for Price List Items..


Adding images to price list items


To add images, open a price list item for edit:


  1. 1. Open the price list

  2. 2. Press Edit in the top right corner

  3. 3. Select the price list item you want to edit. The item editing window will open.

  4. 4. Scroll down to Images section


When you press the large green + button, you will see the images list from iOS photo gallery. When you are trying to add image in first time, the application will request access to the photo gallery. For each item you can bind up to 4 images, when 4th image is added the large green + button disappears. The button allows replacing the image with another one, while the button to delete the said image. You can also drag and drop the images within the cell, changing the order.














View images full-screen


After adding the images, the first of them is displayed in the left part of the item row in the price list.



When you tap the image, full-screen view of this image will open. You also can swipe left and right to view other images, added to the item.

The same way you can open full-screen view by tapping images in Images section of Price List Item Edit window.