Adding the category to the price list

Adding the category is carried out from the price list item creating/editing window.


  1. 1. Open the existing item for editing or create a new one

  2. 2. If the category has not yet been selected, type the category name in the Category field

  3. 3. If the category has already been selected, press Select and choose the item Do not select, then

type the category name in the Category field.The indicated item will be transferred to the new category.

  • 4. Press Finish in the price list item editing window.


    Editing and deleting the price list category


    1. 1. Open the price list

    2. 2. Open the menu in the top right corner and select the item Edit the categories and the list

    of added categories will open

    1. 3. To delete the category, press the icon. To edit

    the category name, select the needed category and type the new name in the text box

    1. 4. Press Finish to save changes


    Attention! When you delete the category, all items in this category will be deleted..